Hello, dear fans of sport and healthy lifestyle!

We have great news for you! The Erasmus+ Sport program has a budget of 65.13 million euros for 2023.

This is 25% more than in the previous year! What does this mean for us? More opportunities to pursue our passions, exchange experiences and make contacts with people from other countries who love sport as much as we do!

The budget is divided into different activities and actions of the program. The largest part of the budget consists of cooperation partnerships in the field of sport (38 million euros). This international cooperation aims to promote participation in sport and physical activity, support good governance in sport, prevent violence and discrimination in sport and develop professional and social competencies of people involved in sport. The smallest part of the budget is the mobility of sports staff (577 thousand euros), which enables training, internships and exchanges of sports workers.

Tell us do you like the idea of promoting sport in this way? Leave a comment! If you want to learn more about our partnership in the Erasmus+ Sport programme, you can visit our official website https://healthyandsporty.eu/

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